Alex Tavshunsky is an experienced illustrator who has worked for more than 20 years in the advertising, publishing, broadcasting, museum and film industries. His work was praised by the Reuter Foundation and the Society for News Design. Alex’s illustration credits are listed in the IMDb. Alex's areas of strength as an illustrator are: figurative/live drawings, character development, portrait and editorial concepts.

The ability to capture a personality and to convey emotions through portraiture was instrumental in Alex’s work on a series of graphical portraits of politicians, businessmen, lawyers and celebrities. Alex’s portraits have been in demand for broadcasting, corporate design, advertising and for private collections.

Courtroom illustrations are a major field of Alex’s illustrative work. For two decades, working with Canadian and international news agencies, Alex has covered many landmark trials including such recent cases as Colonel Williams’ and Michael Rafferty’s.

What People Say about Alex

Alex is a top notch illustrator who delivers high quality work, on time and on budget. He is a gem and a pleasure to work with.
Alex's work as an illustrator and designer is exceptional. Having worked with Alex on several projects and promotional initiatives (at Mystus Interactus) I found that his talents as an artist are equaled by his professionalism and excellence as a team player. From what I've seen, Alex produces quality work on time and on budget.
...Alex is the most productive, and talented, sketch artist I've worked with.
I have known Alex Tavshunsky as an artist and a graphic designer. I work with him in "Maariv". Alex illustrated one of my books which was published in Hungary. He also designed the cover for one of my other books, which is due to be published soon. Alex is primarily known as a portrait-artist, and in that capacity he occupies a unique place in the newspaper. Not only do his portraits accurately reflect the model's appearance, they also reveal the essence of personal character. Above all, Alex is a friendly and open-hearted person, communication with him is easy and working with him is a pleasure.
Thanks Alex! Awesome stuff as usual!

Honours and Awards

Won the Reuter Foundation’s News Graphics Award Contest for the Best Information Graphics Artist, London, UK

Guest of Honour in the International Info-Graphics Workshop “Show, Don’t Tell” in Pamplona, Spain

Award of Excellence in the Society for News Design Annual Creative Competition for participation in The Toronto Star’s News Design projects

Won Peel Regional Police Media Award for Illustrated News Coverage, Brampton, Canada

List of Clients

Academia Kiado
Associated Press
Canadian Press
Cape Farewell
Chicago Tribune
City TV
Finesilver Design
FOX News
France Press
French TV Chan. M6
Global TV
German 1SAT TV
Hadashot 2 TV
High-Touch Comm.
Irwin Publishing
Jar Creative
Klick Comm.
La Presse
Lowe RMP
Masco Canada
Myriad Comm.
Mystus Exhibits
National Post
Nelson Publishing
Ottawa Citizen
Power Point Graphics
Prentice Hall Canada
Purolator Courier
Royal Ontario Museum
Salvation Army
Scotia Bank
TD Waterhouse
The Globe and Mail
The Toronto Star
The Toronto Sun
Time Magazine
Trace Pictures
The Walt Disney
Wolfe Works